the first post

Hi everyone!

Seeing how it’s the first post, I feel like it’s appropriate to introduce myself!

I’m currently in my 2B studies at the University of Waterloo. My major is Biology, hoping to specialize in either biotechnology, genetics, or microbiology 🙂 I am also aiming for a minor in psychology as well!

About Me:

  • Enjoying the simple things in life
  • I LOVE FOOD, from all different kinds of cultures, om nom noms 😀
  • I have an odd sense of humour; clever jokes and puns are well appreciated
  • Keeping an open mind 🙂
  • Learning and understanding what I’m learning haha


During my time here, I want to record major events, the thoughts, and the many lessons I learn here at the university! — I know I’m a little late haha, I also wish to discuss things about my first year, transition into the university, and my journey here!

That’ll be it for now.