spring term (update)

“Is this a lost blog?”
“Is it inactive?”
“It’s been so long since you’ve posted!”

Hi everyone!! Don’t worry, I am still alive!

Ahh, I owe you all an apology and an explanation for my hiatus! I’m so sorry to everyone who’s been anticipating a post here. Unfortunately, I ended up overbooking myself this term and I’m facing the repercussions.

Reality of course-load hit pretty hard pre-June. And it’s been cases of falling behind and trying to catch up on yesterday’s work today. Somewhere in between, I’ve been trying to take care of my well-being as well!


That’s the short update and on with the post! Here’s my first spring term on campus!

Spring term is a new experience and time for exploration.

This term, 2B, I was able to meet so many people in my program– it might be because most of the Biology students this term are in coop, so we’re all clustered together taking similar courses! In addition, this term I befriended with so many exuberant people and learnt the value of friendship! 😀

I also ended up finding many new study spots that I particular love to study at. (Spoiler: I have a future post on finding a study space, hehe) Some spots that you’ll likely spot me are at QNC and DP!

Spring term is lovely.

I find that spring term is a lot less crowded (grabbing those DC spots every day 😉 ), maximizing my daily dose of Vitamin D, shorter Timmy lines, summery events (BBQs), and BLOOMING FLOWERS.

Hanging Lavendars
Spotted at the rock garden in May
Warm Lilies
Found everywhere on campus in July












And it’s also nice to leave my late night labs at 9:20pm to see it still bright outside! Seeing familiar, repeating faces on campus is always a plus!

Spring term is “fastly” paced.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find that spring terms are paced a lot faster than Fall and Winter terms learning the same content.

Exams start and end a lot faster and there’s no reading week. For instance, this term, I have a little more than 3 weeks before the next term begins as apposed to 1 week (2 weeks if we’re lucky).

I also haven’t found a break during lab reports, midterms, or assignments. Just when everything dies down, oh look, finals are here! *sigh* There’s just been so many cases of burn outs and constant act of holding myself together and pushing myself to go further.

Currently, I’m taking 5 courses, 4 science courses and one elective, along with a flexible job. I shouldn’t be complain since people have it a lot worse, but this term has been the most difficult for me.
I have to work on my time management skills and prioritizing everything.
I still haven’t nailed this yet but I definitely see improvement!

I’m excited for what’s to come when the term is over.
Only a few more weeks.
Best of luck to everyone in finals!

My friend once told me,

“One second pain now, is a minute bliss later”

Just a little bit more, and academics will be one thing off our list!

Thank you all for for being so patient with me, I promise I will be posting a lot more after finals!
Look forward to some advice and realizations I’ve had so far from my time at the University of Waterloo 🙂



At some point of our lives, we’ve all fallen victim to being compared to.

Whether is might be being compared with a sibling, relatives, your friends, or even yourself.

Academics. Athletics. Beauty. Intelligence. Popularity. Talent.

… are only a few to name.

Academics for instance…

At increasing levels of education, the competitive nature seems to be increasingly more and more intense.

For myself, at the University of Waterloo, I am in biology–not the most competitive program compared to AFM, CS, or Engineering here –but the angst of competition is still there.

When you’re applying to post-secondary in high school, there’s a competitive student cap for each program. After enrolling, we are all competing for spots for graduate school, co-op jobs, or simply to be at the top.

Wait, wait, wait. Why am I making competition sound like it’s a negative thing? It doesn’t have to have a negative connotation.

Don’t get me wrong, competition itself IS healthy. It helps you strive further and set higher goals to push yourself 🙂

However, too much of it (just like anything else in the world) is unhealthy. And, we need to find a harmony between the 2 extremes.

None at all makes you contemplate about your life. “Where is the ambition,” others might ask, or “is this The End”?

I personally believe that there is always something you can improve or learn. There is no end in learning (unless you rearrange all the letters of learning with lring ena, then you can sorta see the “end” with the a being a fancy letter d, haha ;P #timesnewroman)

Too much competition or having unrealistic goals can lead to disappointment, jealously, or even self-hatred. Sometimes, it can have an impact on our mental health.

In that case, you need to remind yourself that every person in the world is unique (that’s cliche, I know) but, we are all raised differently with different values and beliefs. We’ve developed different skills growing up. There will be some things we’re good at, and others not-so-great. We’ll have to embrace both our strengths and weaknesses.

I believe that some people are better at covering up their weaknesses than others, so it might be a facade that they’re great at everything! You never know, you can never assume that they’re “perfect” individuals.


For me, my ideal goal is to see competition, with myself. Or in your case, competition with yourself. Comparing yourself… with… yourself!

It’s like a race with yourself. So you’re always trying to beat yourself in a race (just like how in Mario Kart, you’re always trying to beat the ghost in the time trials)!

The goal is to be a better version of yourself.

As social creatures, it’s inevitable that we’re bound to meet someone or interact with a social being. For others,  you can think of them as checkpoints in your life or role models.

It’s easy to forget that but you just have to remind yourself that it’s okay to be in “second place” sometimes. I think it’s great to appreciate different kinds of talent in the world whether it may be with yourself, or with others 🙂

A good friend of mine once told me that there were 4 different kinds of people in the world:

  1. Confident – someone who has a high sense of appreciation for yourself and for others
  2. Arrogant – someone who has a high sense of appreciation for yourself, and low for others
  3. Insecure – someone who has a high sense of appreciation for others, but low for yourself
  4. Cynical – someone who has a low sense of appreciation for yourself and others

… yes!!! You can be a blend of these 4 as well 🙂 and being confident is the goal I want to strive for~

[Insert Transition Here]

Anyways, you might be asking (or you might not– but I’m gonna tell you anyways :P)…

Why I am I writing this post? Well… lately, I feel like I’ve always been comparing to myself to everyone around me. And it feels discouraging –why can’t I smart like that, why can’t I study faster? Why am I not good enough?

It’s just a viscous cycle of negative thoughts :c

I am definitely not the most talented person or smartest person out there. I don’t have the best grades, but I know want to keep going.

At the end of the day, you have to reminding yourself that it’s okay. To keep working harder, pushing, and challenging yourself each and every single day. As long as you improve on one thing, every single day, you will become a better version of yourself.

That’s it for this post! I hope this post wasn’t too sappy or simply a tale of woe. Lol, I feel like I can ramble on and on about this topic –ugh must constrain self, haha.

See you in another post :]

Stay tuned!


the first post

Hi everyone!

Seeing how it’s the first post, I feel like it’s appropriate to introduce myself!

I’m currently in my 2B studies at the University of Waterloo. My major is Biology, hoping to specialize in either biotechnology, genetics, or microbiology 🙂 I am also aiming for a minor in psychology as well!

About Me:

  • Enjoying the simple things in life
  • I LOVE FOOD, from all different kinds of cultures, om nom noms 😀
  • I have an odd sense of humour; clever jokes and puns are well appreciated
  • Keeping an open mind 🙂
  • Learning and understanding what I’m learning haha


During my time here, I want to record major events, the thoughts, and the many lessons I learn here at the university! — I know I’m a little late haha, I also wish to discuss things about my first year, transition into the university, and my journey here!

That’ll be it for now.